Tuck-into tapas

My journey from Spain, where I worked as a journalist, to Cambridge, and my Spanish food business.

¡Hola! My name is Estefania Led Ramos, I come from Aragon, Spain, and moved to England in 2011. After many years working as a journalist, I decided it was time to follow a life-long passion, something that I really enjoy – cooking and making other people happy with my food.

My story is not unusual but might sound like a kind of a challenge, moving from one country to another, and leaving my career as a journalist to start a new one as a chef. It wasn´t easy, I have to admit. It wasn´t my plan, either, but you never know what life can bring you.

My interest in food and my fascination with recipes led me to learn more about the cookery and hospitality sector, about products, sourcing great ingredients to make fantastic food and customer service. What had started as a hobby, has grown and grown, developing into what you see today, Que Rico Tapas – a happy mobile kitchen that brings the flavours from Spain to your home.

I cook traditional Spanish food, following many classic recipes. I like simple, honest food – it’s authentic… proud of its heritage and production. I’m passionate about the products and producers I work with, carefully selecting and refining the freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and often using authentic Spanish products for my dishes.

One of my favourite activities is cooking at private events, homes, family gatherings or small groups, as I love meeting, talking and discussing Spanish food with my customers.

All of my events include stories about the ingredients, the dishes and the history and culture behind the tapas. I’ll often explore the origins of recipes, share anecdotes about the names and generally have fun with the food, the flavour and the people I’m cooking for.

But it’s not just about the food, it’s about sharing a special moment, around a table with friends and family. I believe that food, and sharing of that food with others creates a special atmosphere where people enjoy, learn and relax…it’s a unique moment and something I’d like to share with you.