Churros with chocolate and strawberry sauce

Churros and Chocolate Online Cooking Class, from the comfort of your home

Now, from the comfort of your home, you can learn to make authentic churros and chocolate with this online cooking class

Learn to make these delicious, crispy bites at home with this churros and chocolate online cooking class. Churros and chocolate is one of those things you have to try if you visit Spain. Every city or town has a place where you can order this classic combo, either for breakfast or for “merienda” -the snack that Spaniards have between lunch and dinner. The slight bitterness of the silky chocolate with the sweetness and crispiness of the churros make a perfect balance of flavours and texture.

I love churros! Because of that, I want to share with you my technique so you can make them too at home and indulge yourself. You will learn how to get delicious churros with this Churros and Chocolate Online Cooking Class. You don´t need to have any special equipment, just the right churros recipe and the guidance of a Spanish chef, who will teach you the tips to get the crispiest and tastiest churros. Also, do you know you can make a savoury version of churros too? Yes! And it´s perfect as a snack with different dipping sauces.

The Churros and Chocolate Online Cooking Class include:

  • churros recipe
  • hot chocolate sauce recipe
  • savoury dipping sauce (hummus or jalapeño sauce)

Churros and Chocolate Private Online Cooking Classes

The private online cooking class includes:

  • Prep sheet with a shopping list, instructions, and some preparation for a “mise en place”.
  • 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking online on Zoom along with a Spanish chef.
  • Zoom invitation to join the cooking class.
  • The churros recipe with 2 different dipping sauces: hot chocolate and a savoury dipping sauce (hummus or jalapeño)
  • A personalized card for vouchers for special occasions. This is the perfect gift for a foodie!
  • A personalized picture as a present.
  • £85 for a private session.

For private groups

  • You can cook with friends, family or colleagues and spend some time online together.
  • £30 per connection for groups (minimum of 3 households and maximum of 7).
  • The class includes the private lesson features AND you have the option of extending the connection after the class so you all can have dinner together and catch up.

For corporate or larger groups, ask for a quote.

If you want to book a cooking class, buy a voucher or ask for a quote, just fill this form and I will contact you.