Bites to learn Spanish

“Bites in Spanish” is a series of small pieces of Spanish vocabulary, idioms, or grammar that will help to “digest” the language.

This section is not only for Spanish learners but for everybody. So, if you are learning Spanish, it´s a good way to improve your vocabulary and understand grammar. It will also help to learn expressions that can make you talk like a native.

If you don´t know anything about the Spanish language, these short and clear explanations can give you a glimpse of the language and the culture. And maybe to encourage you to learn more!

The “Bites in Spanish” starts like a project that joins my two passions: language and food. I work as a chef but as a former journalist and now Spanish tutor, I always had and will have an interest in language. Language helps us to express ourselves. Knowing a language helps us to understand better each other, not only because understand what the other says -literally- but because each word, each expression, explains our culture.

I use the food now to express myself but always need words to explain the dish, the story behind it, why we cook how we cook in Spain. So food and words are always together in my work. This is the reason why the first “pills” of language will be related to food from some of my food and recipes posts. However, the plan is to spread the “bites” to other fields too.

Anyway, I hope you find this idea fun and interesting and, above all, you learn some Spanish!