Sangría and paella, Spanish classics that you can now master online

Cooking a delicious paella at home through Zoom


This Online Paella Cooking Class is perfect for those who want to learn how to cook authentic Spanish Paella. Paella is not a difficult dish to cook but it requires following some steps. You´ll get some knowledge about the “why´s” and “how´s” to make an authentic and tasty Spanish paella.

Virtual Paella Cooking Class on Zoom

This is the first thing you will learn in my Online Paella Cooking Class:

  • why the rice has to be “paella rice” and what it means.
  • the importance of the stock (home-made is much better!).
  • how to get “dry rice” -like an authentic paella- by adjusting time and heat.

During this private online cooking class, we will cook together, always at your own pace; following the Spanish chef´s instructions, and checking each step on the screen. You will learn to cook this classic Spanish recipe and enjoy an authentic Spanish experience at home, which you can recreate over and over.

Online Paella Cooking Class is not only about technique and cooking tips. You will know how to eat the paella, how to serve it and the traditions of this well-known Spanish dish.

Customer review

What Lorea said about her Online Paella Cooking Class

“The paella was a success! It was delicious. My father exclaimed: ´and it´s your first paella! How it will be when you cook it more times! You are gonna beat the Masterchef guys!´! | February, 2021 |

Paella Cooking Class Online for individuals or groups

The private online cooking class includes:

  • Prep sheet with shopping list, instructions, and some preparations for a “mise en place”.
  • 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking along with a Spanish chef.
  • Zoom invitation to join the cooking class.
  • The recipe for paella and sangría.
  • A personalized card for vouchers for special occasions. This is the perfect gift for a foodie!
  • A personalized picture as a present.
  • £85 for a private session with sangría and paella cooking class.

For private groups:

  • you can cook with friends, family or colleagues and spend some time online together.
  • £30 per connection for groups (mínimum of 3 households and maximum of 7).
  • The class includes the private lesson features AND you have the option of extending the connection after the class so you all can have dinner together and catch up.

For corporate or larger groups, ask for a quote.

You can choose from:

  • traditional paella Valenciana
  • chicken paella
  • seafood paella
  • paella mixta
  • vegetarian paella

We will make a sangría to go with it but if you prefer a sangría mocktail, I´m ready for that too.

If you want to book an online paella cooking class, buy a voucher or ask for a quote, fill out the form below.