Master the real Spanish omelette online

Classic and delicious Spanish omelette you can master now online

If someone asks in Spain what the most classic tapa is, without a doubt the answer will be the Spanish omelette. This Online Spanish Omelette Cooking Class is going to help you cook an authentic “tortilla de patatas” from the comfort of your home, like a Spaniard, with all the tips and tricks to make it perfect.

The Spanish omelette, or potato omelette, is a humble dish that has reached the highest scores in traditional and modern gastronomy. Everybody agrees that just a few ingredients turn into a delicious mouthful. However, it is a bit controversial too: Spaniards are divided between those who defend the recipe with onion and those who consider onion in the omelette as “sacrilege”.

The Spanish Omelette Online Cooking Class will guide you to master this delicious dish. It is held on Zoom, where you will learn to cook the real Spanish omelette recipe with a Spanish chef. We will cook another 2 recipes too so you will have a full meal ready for your lunch or dinner. Also, you will learn about the history of this recipe, the variations you can find in Spain, how to serve it, and even the best drink pairing.

Customer review

Tim´s Spanish omelette online experience

“This was the most basic and simplest recipe for a tortilla I’ve tried and yet by far, it was the most authentic. I sat and ate most of it with a beer (from Spain of course) and flamenco guitar playing on the smart speaker in the kitchen and it really transported me to Spain. I really loved it. Thank you so much for your easy-to-follow style, and bright and cheerful approach.” | February, 2021 |

The Online Spanish Omelette Cooking Class is a great option either for individuals that want to make perfect and authentic Spanish omelettes and for groups that want to have an experience together cooking classic Spanish recipes.

The private online cooking class includes:

  • Prep sheet with shopping list, instructions, and some preparations for a “mise en place”.
  • 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking along online on Zoom with a Spanish chef.
  • Zoom invitation to join the cooking class.
  • The Spanish omelette recipe and 2 other dishes.
  • A personalized card for vouchers for special occasions. This is the perfect gift for a foodie!
  • A personalized picture as a present.
  • £85 for a private online cooking class session.

For private groups:

  • you can cook with friends, family or colleagues and spend some time online together.
  • £30 per connection for groups (mínimum of 3 households and maximum of 7).
  • The class includes the private lesson features AND you have the option of extending the connection after the class so you all can have dinner together and catch up.

For corporate or larger groups, ask for a quote.

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