Online Tapas Cooking Class: A fun experience you can do with family and friends

Spain is well-known all around the world because of its gastronomy, in particular, TAPAS: those small portions of food that encapsulate different flavours, textures and memories. Each tapa is a beautiful and delicious mouthful that Spaniards have when they go out with friends. It´s a way to socialize, to share a table, to talk and catch up, always surrounded by good food and wine.

Now, you can have this experience from the comfort of your home and cooked by you thanks to this Spanish Tapas Cooking Class Online.

What does the Tapas Online Cooking Class include?

The Tapas Cooking Class Online includes 3 recipes. They are easy in terms of technique but full of flavours.

  • Anyone can join these virtual cooking classes.
  • Expand his or her cookbook with traditional and modern tapas recipes as we have different menus you can choose from.
  • Each cooking class is customized for individuals and private groups to adapt the menu to any dietary requirement.

Customer review

Beth´s tapas cooking class online experience

“Thank you so much for such a lovely online zoom class!! The food is unbelievable and I can’t believe you’ve taught us how to produce something so tasty! I really can’t thank you enough and will definitely be using you again!” | February, 2021 |

The private Tapas Cooking Classes Online include:

  • Prep sheet with shopping list, instructions, and some preparation for a “mise en place”.
  • 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking along online on Zoom with a Spanish chef.
  • Zoom invitation to join the cooking class.
  • 3 authentic Tapas recipes.
  • A personalized card for vouchers for special occasions. This is the perfect gift for a foodie!
  • A personalized picture as a present.
  • £85 for a private session.

For private groups:

  • you can cook with friends, family or colleagues and spend some time online together.
  • £30 per connection for groups (mínimum of 3 households and maximum of 7).
  • The class includes the private lesson features AND you have the option of extending the connection after the class so you all can have dinner together and catch up.

For corporate or larger groups, ask for a quote.

If you want to book a cooking class, buy a voucher or ask for a quote, just fill this form and I will contact you.