How to make sangria at home. All your questions solved: check my recipe and, with these tips, you will nail a perfect sangria from scratch!
What is the difference between tapas, pintxos, and raciones? I´m sure you have heard these terms but are they all the same? Well, it´s not the same but can be similar and depends on the serving style and the portion size. Here you have a handy food glossary to help you out.
6 tips to get crispy churros at home
Embrace the Spanish food culture like a Spaniard
What you have to know about Spanish omelette or "tortilla de patata" is that there are so many recipes and ways to cook it as there are Spaniards all around the world. We love a good one! Each person defends his/her omelette, with or without onion, runny or set, deconstructed or classic, like THE BEST! Check it out why.
Zaragoza Central Market
From Moncayo to Cambridge
Cheese board at Poncelet Cheese Bar Madrid

Say Cheese Bar!

An amazing experience if you wanto taste and learn about cheese.
You decide how much you want and recicle the packaging.
Reviven los antiguos colmados con venta a granel y estilo chic.