About our tapas

Most people think tapas is Spanish food, served in small portions. That’s true…but there it’s much, much more as well. Tapas is the way we Spaniards understand food. It’s food that creates a unique experience, an opportunity to experiment with new dishes and try fresh twists on tradition.

Tapas is a culinary canvas where chefs can create new combinations and be imaginative, it is food that has to be shared… in order to understand food, we should share it and enjoy it with friends, family and colleagues.

The types of Tapas

Tapas is a generic term for small portions of Spanish dishes. But within that term, there are several specialisms, for example, tapa, pintxo, montadito and racion. Let me explain, Montadito is a slice of bread with food on top, everything from ham and cheese to much more elaborate dishes. Pintxo is the name used in the Basque Country for tapas. It comes from pintxo (pincho) – meaning stick – bars typically served as finger food with a cocktail stick, where you help yourself, just grabbing the pintxos by the stick. But DON’T throw the sticks away! You have to keep them, your waiter needs to count the sticks in order to work out your bill. A racion is a portion, there’s even “media racion” or half portions for when you want to go off-piste and try something new.

Tapas is perfect for private chef events, I often deliver a mixture of tapa, pintxo, montadito and racion as a part of my ‘chef at home’ and ‘take away’ services. This range can also be reduced to a small number of dishes that you simply re-heat removing all the hassle, allowing you to host and ‘cook’ delicious tapas for your guests.

My catering service offers a menu featuring tapas and pintxos in a buffet style meal. It’s perfect for business meetings, networking events, presentations and informal occasions. I’m really flexible, I work in a number of ways, as your Private Chef, personal or small group teacher and as a takeaway service, where you order the tapas direct to your home or office.
Whatever you fancy, I’m happy to advise on dishes and the number of dishes, dietary requirements and allergies. I can customize my menu’s for your occasion, preference and needs. The one thing that never changes… my food, it’s always authentic and always Spanish.