The summer salad you were looking for! Fresh and nutritiuos.
Add vitamins, flavour and colour to your dishes this summer
Fruity, fresh, and easy to make.
A healthy and nutritious smoothie, perfect for a wholesome breakfast. The hint of nutmeg gives a special touch.
The Spanish sweet fritters are called Buñuelos de Viento (buñuelos of the wind) as they are light as the wind. Try this traditional recipe, be captivated but the dough flipping over itself when frying, and create your own fillings!
This Spanish rice pudding recipe is very special for me as it´s my Yaya's recipe. An authentic family recipe learnt from my grandma, who made the creamiest and most delicious arroz con leche.
The intense flavour and the light texture will surprise you! Try this oldish recipe that never goes out of fashion.
How to make sangria at home. All your questions solved: check my recipe and, with these tips, you will nail a perfect sangria from scratch!
My favourite sangria recipe: easy and quick, packed whit fruity flavours AND not too sweet. Perfect for a hot summer day. It serves 8 people.