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  • Small balls of pate coated with fried nuts
    ¡Qué rico! Tapas
    “Tapas” are a wide variety of Spanish snacks. They may be cold or warm, plain or sophisticated but always creative.
  • Sweet ham, prunes and blue cheese
    Tasty and healthy
    The ingredients which we use are fresh, in particular vegetables, fish or meat, combined with products from different Spanish regions
  • Spanish omelette
    Welcome to our kitchen
    Our recipe is simple: the legacy of previous generations, a spoonful of creativity and a pinch of chic.

Our services

  • Chef at home

    ¡Qué rico! Tapas is authentic Spanish cooking: customising a menu according to your likes and preferences and then cooking it for you at your premises. Whatever the occasion, you and your guests will be delighted by the wonderful flavours and original presentation of our "tapas".

  • Catering

    The range of "tapas" that ¡Qué rico! Tapas provides through its catering service can be eaten cold or just warmed up. We suggest that this service is a great solution for family occasions, a gathering of friends or a business meeting. We require one week's notice of your requirements.

  • Teaching

    If you are a foodie and feel like trying new tastes or expanding your recipe book, ¡Qué rico! Tapas will teach you how to cook "tapas" and other authentic Spanish dishes. The tuition takes place one-to-one or in small groups even in Spanish or in English. At the end of the class, you can reward yourself by eating the delicious food you have cooked!


What they say about

  • ¡Que Rico! Tapas not only spoiled me and my family with its delicious Spanish food and tapas, but took care of all the preparation. The special menu shows its love for perfectionism.
    Gerla de Boer - Cambridge Food Tour
  • I am a seasoned traveller and have run many clubs and bars in London. Que Rico! encapsulates the essence of a true tapas, wonderful Spanish flavours and a great friendly warmth.
    Craig Chislett - The Yacht London
  • We were treated to a most memorable dining experience when Que Rico! cooked a selection of new and authentic Spanish dishes. In a cold winter day it made us wish for Spanish sunshine and blue skies.
    Sally and Roger Fennemore
  • We were very impressed with the quality and variety of the authentic dishes that ¡Que Rico! made for us. A very professional service, tailored to an individual's requirements.
    Debbie Heath
  • What a experience! It was an absolute privilege and pleasure in tasting ¡Que Rico! Food.
    Aurora Reilly

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Tuck-in tapas

¡Qué rico! Tapas is a new way to find out about Spanish food.

At home

Arrange a "tapas" menu and a chef will cook it for you at the venue of your choice.


A great solution for gathering of friends or family or business meetings.


Dare to cook new dishes or to expand your recipe book with our tuitions.

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