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Cheese board at Poncelet Cheese Bar Madrid

Say Cheese Bar!

An amazing experience if you wanto taste and learn about cheese.
Pepita y Grano

Forget the packaging, food in bulk is coming!

You decide how much you want and recicle the packaging.
Pepita y Grano

Fuera paquetes, vuelve la venta a granel

Reviven los antiguos colmados con venta a granel y estilo chic.
Rasberry mousse dessert

Spanish Christmas dessert

Traditional Christmas confetions or new recipes for treating yourself.
Duck in pomegranate suace

Spanish Christmas recipes. Part III

Duck in rosé wine and pomegranate sauce.
Nativity 2014

Spanish Christmas recipes. Part I

The fist Christmas recipe of a serie of three I hope you enjoy it.
Siderit Vodka Lactèe

Vodka Siderit Lactèe, the Spanish milk vodka

A milk vodka made in the North of Spain.
Customers at Sala de Despiece have to make their own dishes

Sala de despiece, a tapas “eatertainment” in Madrid

A unique experience where food and spectacle join.

40th birthday party with #tapas

A special date which deserves a special party with fresh, casual and colorful tapas.
Front page Cambridge Edition March issue

Tasting at Cambridge Vinopolis in Cambridge Edition

Cambridge Edition reports on the coming event at Vinopolis Cambridge.