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A spoonful of Spanish rice pudding, showing the creaminess of the dish

Spanish Rice Pudding Recipe | Arroz con Leche

The creamiest rice pudding you can find, following my Yaya┬┤s recipe
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Total Time 45 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Spanish
Servings 4
Calories 337 kcal


  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Ramekins


  • 100 g Bomba rice
  • 100 g Sugar
  • 1 litre Whole milk
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 2 Lemon zest strips


  • Weigh the rice, sugar, and milk.
  • In a saucepan, off the heat, put the milk, the lemon strips, cinnamon stick, and the rice and mix.
  • Put the saucepan in medium to high heat until the milk starts to boil. Stir constantly to avoid the rice sticking at the bottom of the pan.
  • Once the milk is boiling, turn the heat down to medium to low and stir for 10 to 15 minutes or until you see the rice starting to look translucent.
  • When the rice is changing colour but still firm, remove the lemon strips and the cinnamon stick and, add the sugar. Stir again, going to the borders of the pan to ensure there is no rice stuck. Continue stirring for about 15 minutes more until you see the rice is done and the milk turns into a creamy texture. The rice has to be seen on the surface of the saucepan, with almost no liquid but this creamy, semi-thick sauce.
  • Once you get to that point (it takes a while, around 35 to 40 minutes in total, so you have to be patient), divide the rice pudding into 4 ramekins and let them cool down.
  • Once they are cold, cover them with cling film and keep them in the fridge until serving. When you serve, sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top.


Take into account that each type of rice needs different timing and quantity of liquid. The amount of milk and the cooking time is calculated for the bomba rice I used in the case. For a creamy rice pudding, ALWAYS use short grain rice, never long grain.
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