Spanish grapes in the world



Spanish grapes in the world

18th September | 7 pm | Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton

How do the Spanish grapes adapt to other countries and climates? What do they merge with local grapes in other continents? How the wines are enhanced?

This wine tasting is a great opportunity to answer these questions and many more that might turn up during the night.

We will discover how Spanish grapes develop in other countries and how different the wines can be, even if they are made with the same grapes.

An exceptional occasion to learn how the climate and the “terroir” influence in the vineyards and give different personalities to the grapes, hence to the wines.

There will be a selection of white and red wines, that are produced with Spanish grapes that are grown in countries like Chile, Argentina, etc. We will see the differences in terms of flavour that the grapes give to the wines in the New World.

The wine tasting includes 5 wines which will be paired with 5 tapas. The food will be customized to pair with the characteristic of the wines.

5 tapas + 5 wines = £37.50 per person

Tickets available on Eventbrite.

18th September | 7 pm | Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Rd


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