Wine and Tapas Tasting 2019


Wine and Tapas Tastings are back with surprising wines!

From March, every other month we will feature a region of Spain through its wines and its gastronomy

Cambridge Wine Merchants and ¡Qué rico! Tapas are very happy to launch another edition of the popular Wine and Tapas Tastings! We started this series of tastings three years ago with the aim of widening the knowledge about the Spanish wines and the Spanish gastronomy. This year, our goal is the same but we even want to go a bit ahead and we have customized new tastings that will surprise you.

We are keeping the most popular wine tastings from very well known regions in Spain and we have added two new wine tastings that we hope you will enjoy them. They are focused on the grapes rather than in the “terroir”; so we will taste how Spanish grapes taste in other parts of the world where they are being grown and how grapes from other countries are adding a special “bouque” to the Spanish wines.

Save these dates:

13th March: North of Spain

12th June: La Rioja (This date has changed from the original one, on the 15th of May)

17th July: East Coast

18th September: Spanish grapes in the world

13th November: World grapes in Spain

The Wine Tastings include a Tapas menu where each wine is matched with a traditional Spanish tapa from the regions we are about. The idea is as well to show the diversity and wealth of the Spanish cuisine, how different is in each region and show the quality of the Spanish products.

The Wine and Tapas Tasting is £37.50 per person and includes 5 wines and 5 tapas.

You can get a 5% discount if you book three Wine and Tapas Tastings together or 10% discount if you book 5.

All the Wine and Tapas Tastings are held at Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Branch (163 Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge CB1 7BX map) at 7 pm.

You can book online through Eventbrite or call 01223 214548. Bookings are required.

NOTE: There will be a vegetarian option you can ask for. Due to the nature of the event, we will do our best to accommodate allergy dietary requirements when possible or we will offer an alternative dish. Please let us know in advance of the event as we can not accommodate dietary requirements on the night.


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