What to make with bananas


Banana recipes

You have here four recipes to make with bananas: two savoury recipes and two sweet ones.

Perfect for brunch, lunch or dessert

We all are trying to do the most with food during this time in isolation due to the COVID-19 situation. I have started this series of “Use Your Pantry” challenge to give ideas of what to do with the random ingredients we have now in our fridge or pantry. The goals are to use them, first of all, so we have zero food waste, and also, avoiding going out for shopping very often as we all know, we must stay at home to save lives.

I´m sure many of you will have now a lot of bananas. It´s a staple fruit, rich, healthy, filling, convenient,… But when you have many, they don´t last.

Arroz a la cubana with fried banana

Arroz a la cubana with fried banana

Banana with bacon and cheese

Banana with bacon and cheese

Banana biscuit with oat and chocolate chips and banana bread

Sweet banana recipes







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