Vodka Siderit Lactée, the Spanish milk vodka

Siderit Vodka Lactèe
Siderit Vodka Lactèe
Siderit Vodka Lactèe
Siderit Vodka Lactèe

Vodka Siderit Lactèe, the Spanish milk vodka

Produced in the North of Spain, this artisan vodka has been awarded with several international recognitions

First was the English farmer Jason Barber who launched a milk vodka in 2012, the Black Cow. Now, the distillery Siderit situated in Cantabria, North of Spain, distils vodka from milk sugars.

The owners of the distillery, Rubén Leivas y David Martínez, wanted to produce high-quality spirits with natural products from their region, which is well known in Spain because of its natural wealth, above all the fishing and the cattle industry.

Siderit Vodka Lactée has been awarded the Gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and Silver medal at the 2014 Concours Mondial Bruxelles.

Connected to the ranching and the forestry, they have selected the best products to get a unique spirits: spring water with the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsula from Ortigosa del Monte, at the Northern slope of the
mountains of Guadarrama; milk sugars and “rock tea”, an endemic herb from Picos de Europa which enhance the unique taste of the gin.

Vodka Siderit Lactée is a premium vodka, delicately produced, starting from the alcohol obtained from the fermentation of the milk sugars.

A quadruple filtration with natural filtering materials, that remove any impurity in its itinerary for more than 24 hours, is used to get a pure alcohol.
Finally, the vodka is equilibrated in a tank for a minimum of two months to reach its maximum splendour.

A cocktail with Vodka Siderit Lactèe

– 5cl of Vodka Siderit
– 20cl of orange juice
– Rind of orange
– Ice

Technical datasheet

Raw material: Milk

Distillation method: Distillation based on the milk lactose fermentation

Number of distillation: 5

Filtration equipment: Quadruple filtration within 24 hours, with natural filtering materials, purifying the content up to reach one of the purest



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