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¡Vete a freír churros! meaning

¡Vete a freír churros! | Get lost!

¡Vete a freír churros! is a phrase you don´t want to hear in Spanish… We use this expression, “vete a freír churros“, when we want to get rid of someone who is annoying us.

Why do we use this expression?

The meaning of “Vete a freír churros” has its origin in the real act of frying churros. To fry churros takes time so when we “send someone to fry churros”, we want that person occupied doing something that takes a long time or runs an errand that is far away so is not bothering us for a while.

Grammar aspects

“Me mandó a freír churros” (He/She sent me to fry churros)

“Le mandé a freír churros” (I sent him/her to fry churros)

Other similar expressions

“Vete a freír espárragos”

“Vete a freír monas”

“Vete al carajo”

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