Vermouth cocktail


Spanish vermouth recipe

We take vermouth time (or vermút in Spanish) very seriously in Spain.

We use that word not only to mention the drink but the act of going out before lunch to have a drink and tapas with friends.

During the lockdown, I´m meeting my Spanish friends to have vermút as we would do in normal circumstances in Spain, but now, virtually.

So it´s a kind of ritual now on Saturday or Sunday to have everything ready for the online version; my husband and I prepare the drink and the pintxo that better suits the cocktail, a Gilda. Check the recipe for a gilda here. I hope you like it!

Vermút cocktail recipe

75 ml red vermouth

15 ml gin

15 ml Campari

Orange zest


A couple of olives

Just mix the spirits and stir. Twist the orange zest and add it to the drink. Add a few drops of angostura and decorate with a couple of olives.




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