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Tigres to celebrate The World Tapas’ Day

Tigres to celebrate the World Tapa´s Day
Tigres to celebrate the World Tapa’s Day

The World Tapas’ Day invites chefs, foodies and anyone who loves cook and good food to make a “tapa”. The goal is to promote this kind of food which distinguishes the Spanish gastronomy.

The World Tapas’ Day takes place on the 29th of September. To celebrate it, I have wanted to cook something typical Spanish, not only because this tapa is a classic one (actually you can find it in the most popular and traditional bares) but also because of the presentation. The chosen tapa is “tigre” (tiger, yes). It is made with a dough of mussels, onion, tomato sauce and a bit of chilli. The shells are filled with this dough, battered in egg and breadcrumbs and fried in extra virgin olive oil.

In homage to my country, I have added a naughty touch: a cheese comb, made with a Spanish sheep’s cheese (I will write about it in coming post) that combine perfectly with the slightly spicy filling. Also, the crispy comb contrast with the softness of the mussels’ dough.

Drink it with a glass of white wine and toast for the World Tapas’ Day! Salud!

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