Que Rico tapas

Tapas on Sunday. Who is up for it?

Yes, we are! And we would love to see you there!

If I miss something from Spain, it is the “vermouth” or “aperitif” on Sundays.  Years ago people normally had a glass of artisan vermouth with a classic tapa like croquetas, cheese, ham, battered prawns, etc. on Sunday mornings before lunch. Because of that we say now “to have the vermouth” like an extension of the act of going out and enjoy that moment with family or friends before going back home for the Sunday lunch.

I am determined I am not missing that moment any more in Cambridge and also want you to have the opportunity to enjoy it! So, the first Sunday of each monty, at Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Rd, you will have the chance to have the “vermouth” with tapas like in Spain.

The menu will include a selection of tapas you can choose with special offers and flight wines too. You can purchase the wines (or any other drink) on the bar by glass or bottle.

It is an open and walk in event but it would help us out a lot if you can book online to have a prevision of attendants. 

Tapas and wine pairing card

Also every month we will feature two tapas and wine pairing cards where you can get the recipe of the tapa and the information about the wine that from our point of view, match with it. They will be available along the month at the Cherry Hinton Rd branch and would love to see you are making the tapas at home and pairing with the wines! You can post it on Instagram @tapascambridge @cambridgewinemerchants with the hashtag #tapasonsunday

Those two tapas will be part of the menu on Sunday but it will be other tapas too you can choose so you can have a light lunch.

See you there!

Buen provecho!



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