Tapas for the BBC Cambridgeshire


This picture makes me smile!

What a wonderful time we spent at BBC Cambridgeshire talking about Spanish food and tapas and pairing the samples I brought with the excellent wine and sherry that Hal Wilson, from Cambridge Wine Merchants, suggested!

The presenter, Chris Mann, and his team tried my tapas. I cooked a selection of classic tapas like Spanish omelette, croquetas, and iberico ham and chorizo, and a new addition, a small tartlet with baby artichokes, goat’s cheese and crispy serrano ham. They loved them!

Hal brought a white wine verdejo grape Cal y Canto, a table wine, really affordable, but delicious, a bit crispy and perfect for the iberico cured meats. He also introduced a sherry. It’s true people associate sherry with this sticky, super sweet wines. However, there is a wide variety of sherries, like amontillado, fino, manzanilla, palo cortado, etc, that are perfect with food. In this occasion, it was an amontillado AB from Gonzalez Byass. Absolutely delicious with the artichoke and goat’s cheese tapa!

You can listen the show here and the interview during the last hour of the program, from 11 to noon.


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