Spanish Picnic Ideas for a family day out



Picnic ideas for a family day out – with a Spanish twist

Spring is here, we just need to dust off our picnic basket and go out! Here you have some picnic ideas for a Spanish picnic menu when you go out. Because sometimes we are a bit bored of having always the same, it´s good to add new flavours to our picnic menu. Adding some Spanish flavour can be a great option!

In Spain, we love going on a picnic, mainly in Summer. It´s what we call “ir al campo” or “ir de excursión” (to go to the countryside, or to go to a trip or excursion).

I have such great memories of those days! My parents organized picnics with other friends and their children. It was always very exciting with a mix of games, adventures, and of course, food.

First of all, I have to tell you that the Spanish Picnic Food is similar to any other Picnic Menu:

  • food easy to eat in the countryside
  • dishes that keep well in the heat: avoiding sauces like mayonnaise (above all if it´s homemade) or similar; dishes that can melt easily, or pastries that can be soggy
  • a selection of cold snacks
  • a good variety of dishes that can be shared
  • picnic food for children so they can eat easily while they are playing
  • and all of it, finger food: a plate and a napkin should be enough to eat, and your fingers, of course.

Here are some ideas for a Spanish Picnic Menu

However, if you want to add a Spanish twist to your picnic basket, here you have some ideas for a Spanish Picnic, with links to some of the recipes:

I hope these ideas inspire you to add some Spanish flavours to your picnic!

Buen provecho!



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