Spanish Picnic Menu


The Spanish Picnic Menu is not as different as it is any other one.

The rules are similar, food easy to eat in the countryside, safe to keep in the heat, with a good variety, doesn´t need many pieces of equipment to be served or eaten and that can be shared.

Here some ideas for a Spanish Picnic Menu.

When I was a child, the word “picnic” wasn´t as popular as it is now in Spain.

However, we used to picnic too in Summer, mainly on Sundays, but we called “ir al campo” or “ir de excursión” (go out to the countryside, spend the day in the countryside would be an approximate translation).

And yes, I have such great memories of those days! My parents organized the picnics with other friends and their children. It was always very exciting as we met up with friends and we had high expectations of a day out: games, adventures and sometimes some pranks proper of our age.

What was the Spanish picnic menu?

Well, it was like now, food that kept well after driving to the countryside for a while. I mean, food that wasn´t soggy or dry, that was safe to eat in the heat and didn´t need many pieces of equipment to be served or eaten.

So, the classic dishes were a Spanish omelette (or any version of it with vegetables, for example, making the most of the summer and its wonderful seasonal products), ensaladilla rusa (it´s a classic summer salad in Spain, have a look at the story behind this salad here), coated chicken breast, “lomo empanado” (the Spanish version of the schnitzels), sandwiches with serrano ham, Manchego cheese skewers, olives, fried green peppers, empanada (Spanish flat pie filled with tuna, tomato, onion and peppers), chorizo pies, fruit and cakes.

Wow! Yes! It was short of a miracle that all those wonderful dishes appeared on a table in the middle of the countryside. And you can imagine, we ate everything up in the blink of an eye!

I want you to feel the same when you open my Picnic Boxes, the same excitement I had when I saw that table full of delicious, home-made dishes; and the same fun, sharing food and stories around a table in the filed or a blanket in the park.

Here you have some ideas for a Spanish picnic menu:

  • Tortilla campera
  • Marinated olives
  • Sandwich with serrano ham, tomato and alioli
  • Manchego cheese skewer with grapes
  • Gazpacho
  • Olivada dipping
  • Coated chicken fillets with carrot sauce
  • Chorizo pies

You can find many of these recipes on my blog but if you don´t want to cook, they are on the menu for the Picnic Box. Just ask me and I will be happy to customize a Spanish Picnic Menu for you.

Buen provecho!



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