Spanish Christmas recipes. Part II


Spanish Christmas recipes. Part II

Following the Spanish Christmas recipe series, here is the second one, a traditional dish, cooked oftenly at Christmas: clams in green sauce.


Clams in a sauce with garlic and parsley
Clams in green sauce

Clams in green sauce

For 4-6 people

1 kilo of clams

2 cloves of garlic

1 cayenne pepper

A glass of white wine

Fish stock




Extra Virgin olive oil


1.- Remove any damaged or open clam. Soak them in a deep bowl with salt for a while.

2.- Rinse the clams with fresh water and let them drain.

3.- Put a deep pan with water over a high heat. Add the clams and cook them until the shells are open. Let the pan aside and cover it with a towel while the sauce is cooked.

4.- In a small pan pour a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over a low heat.

5.- Mince the garlic and the parsley. Add them to the pan with the cayenne pepper and the glass of white wine and stir until the alcohol evaporates.

6.- Then, add a little bit of flour and whisk with a balloon whisk until getting a smooth texture.

7.- Pour slowly the fish stock and continue whisking. Add as much stock as you want depending on the thickness of the sauce you want.

8.- Drain the clams.

9.- Once the sauce is cooked, add the clams to the sauce and cook it for about ten minutes.

10.- You may cook the dish a few hours before serving it to get a more tasty sauce.

If you want to know which the first recipe was, you may find the first one, chestnut soup.

Soon the third one!

I hope you enjoy it!



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