Salmorejo recipe, a flavour from the South of Spain


Salmorejo recipe is a really refreshing option for a summer meal.

Salmorejo is a cold soup from Andalucía, in particular, from Córdoba. Here you have the recipe. Also you can listen to Flavour 105 program as it was featured in last episode’s Tapa of the Month.

There are three popular cold soups in Andalucia: gazpacho, salmorejo and ajoblanco. Most people know the popular gazpacho but salmorejo is really appreciate in Córdoba, where if comes from. Both are cold soups (yes, cold! Think that it is eaten in summer, in the South of Spain!) and have tomato amongst its ingredients. But they are different!

If you want to know why they are different and learn how to make salmorejo, click the link to the podcast of Flavour 105. So you will have the chance to listen to Tom Lewis, from The Cambridge Wine Blogger, recommending you the best wine or sherry to match with this summer dish.

Ingredients (4 people)

12 plum tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

150 gr. Crumb

2 slices of Serrano ham

1 boiled egg

Extra virgin olive oil

A tumbler of water



1.- Make a cross at the bottom of each tomato.

2.- Put water in a big saucepan and bring it to boil.

3.- When it is boiling, blanch the tomatoes (30 sec – 1 min).

4.- Take them out from the saucepan and put them in a bowl with cold water, peel and chop.

5.- With a food mill, mash the tomato to remove any skin left or seed.

6.- Dice the crumb and put it in a bowl.

7.- Add the tomato, season to taste with salt and leave the crumb soaks up the tomato juice.

8.- Cut the garlic and take the heart out to avoid aftertaste.

9.- Pour a gentle glug of extra virgin olive oil, the water and blend with a hand blender.

10.- Keep in the fridge until serving.


1.- Boil an egg. When it is cool down, peeled and chopped.

2.- Dice the slice of Serrano ham.


1.- Serve in a bowl the salmorejo.

2.- Sprinkle a little of boiled egg and Serrano ham on top.

3.- Pour a bit of extra virgin olive oil.


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