Pop-up dinner at The Dobblers Inn

The Dobblers Inn
The Dobblers Inn


Pop-up dinner at The Dobblers Inn

¡Qué Rico! Tapas moves its mobile kitchen to The Dobblers Inn for one night! It will be on the 27th of August when another pop-up dinner will be held.

The 27th of August is an important date in my family town as a unique celebration takes place, “el Cipotegato“, a hero who has to fight against a rain of tomatoes. It is a special day where all the city is immersed a friendly and fun atmosphere. As I will miss that day, I think it is a good opportunity to spend that day with you all who want to join my pop-up dinner. Of course, the tomato will be in some of the dishes! 🙂

This will be the menu:



Asparagus cake


Galician pie

(filled with tuna, tomato, eggs and peppers)


Squid in its own ink



(pork stew)


Horchata flan and rhubarb ice cream

 Ask for vegetarian or vegan option.

When: Thursday, 27th August 2015

Where: The Dobblers Inn, 184 Sturton St, Cambridge CB1 2QF

When: 7:30 pm

Price: £25 per person

For bookings, email at querico@quericotapas.com or at The Dobblers Inn.

£5 deposit required.

You can find more information about ¡Qué rico! Tapas through the website www.quericotapas.com


I look forward to seeing you!


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