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Olive it! A campaign to promote Spanish olives in the UK

Olive it!
Olive it!

Olive it! is a campaign to promote the Spanish olives consumption in UK.

Beer, olives, a pub and some friends chating. This image reminds me my summers in Spain. We love olives. Actually, in some villages there are competitions of throwing, well, spiting, olives’ pits as far as they can. It requires a hard training… eating and eating… enough olives to be able to take part in the competition 🙂

Seriously, olives are so versatil that we use them in salads, with meat, with pasta…

The goal of the campaign Olive it! is to turn this product into an ingredient, not only an appetizer. The Spanish Professional Organization Interaceituna has propossed to the chefs Omar Allibhoy, Sophie Michell and Jos Pizarro to create new recipes with olives as a main ingredient.

A chicken stew with chorizo, tomato and black olives is one proposal but you can find more suggestives recipes on the Olive it website.

Do you dare to create a recipe? Look forward to seeing your creations!





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