Never too late… for a Spanish dinner!



Saint George´s day pop-up
Saint George’s day pop-up

It’s never too late… for a Spanish dinner!

Everybody who knows Gerla de Boer knows she is a foodie, an authentic foodie. She is so keen on food that sometimes has too many events to attend! Nevertheless, she never fails!

That was what happened on the 23rd April. She showed up a bit late to the Saint George’s pop-up dinner that I was organizing because she had another event. However, she turned up within enough time to taste the “Aragonese” dishes that I had cooked for the feast. Not only she had time to try the food but to take photos, chat with other guests, ask me about the food and have fun.

That is what she wrote about the dinner.

I am really happy to share with you!

P.S.: Thanks again for the pictures, Cambridge Food Tour.


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