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Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Lesson

Empty plates and they almost licked them!

The Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Lesson in June was fantastic! A lot of fun, many laughs and tasty food!

The second edition of the Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Lesson was a fantastic experience for everybody. I had a lovely group of ladies: three sisters celebrating the 40th birthday of one of them (the Cookery Lesson was one of her birthday presents), a foodie and feeder (as she introduces herself) and a thai chef.

All of them came to learn something new and be inspired by the techniques and the workshop to do their own creations at home. Because that´s the aim of the cookery lesson.

They arrived a bit concerned and worried about the difficulty of the cookery lesson but once they started playing a bit and following the instructions, they realized there was no need to be scared. Also, part of the process is to make mistakes and learn from them to know why something didn´t work. However, they realized that once you understand a bit how the products used work, you can follow the process and success. Like they did. Have a look at their work!

The workshop includes 3 recipes and four different techniques to make pearls, spheres, spaguetti, flavoured air and chocolate soil. With these 4 techniques, the variety of options you can do is immense. That is the goal of the cookery lesson, to understand the process and give you the tools to create your own dishes at home. And it worked as while we were working there, a lot of ideas came up, either to tweak a recipe, to adapt to each one´s taste, or create new ones.

You can see the pictures. They are concentrated, mesmerized, having fun, tasting, eating and even we celebrated the birthday!


I run the Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Lesson every three months in Cambridge. It is available as well for private parties, corporate and team building activities. If you are interested, you can contact me.

Buen provecho!


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