London, guest city at San Sebastian Gastronomika 2013

London, guest city at San Sebastián Gastronomika 2013
London, guest city at San Sebastián Gastronomika 2013

San Sebastian Gastronomika 2013 takes place since tomorrow and London will be the guest city in this gastronomic meeting.

The gastronomy sector from all over the world will showcase the new culinary phenomena in San Sebastian, Spain. The most influential chefs all around the world will show their techniques, ingredients, tastes, presentations… Also, it will be the place for a market fair, of activities such as the latest innovations in the world of dining, wine and cheese; the National Grilling Contest; the petit comités with top chefs; or interactive workshops.

This year, London is the guest city and will show what is going on in the food scene: from traditional local specialties to the latest avant-garde dishes, taking in the exotic cuisine of those countries that have made London the international culinary capital it is today (India, China, Japan, etc.), and not forgetting the most innovative business models currently being developed there.