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Huevos a la flamenca

Huevos a la flamenca recipe

This is a comfort food recipe, traditional from the South of Spain. It´s perfect for a quick lunch or dinner or an energetic breakfast or chorizo brunch. The chorizo and egg lovers will be delighted! Although, you don´t need to add chorizo if you prefer a vegetarian version.

We can say that Huevos a la Flamenca are cousins of Huevos rancheros o the Israeli shakshuka. The idea is the same, baked eggs with peppers and tomato sauce.

The key is to use an ovenproof pan or terracotta pan, as the dish is finished in the oven. I did it in the paella pan but you can use individual terracotta pans too.

Ingredients for 3 people


Suggestions for a vegetarian version

If you prefer a vegetarian version, you don´t need to add chorizo, but I would suggest adding some green beans to make the dish more complete. Also, add a pinch of sweet or smoked paprika. It will give it a nice smoky end to the dish.

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