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How to order tapas in Spain: 12 things you must know

Tapas are a variety of bites, served to be shared

How to order tapas in Spain can be a “challenging” experience. I ahve to admit, being Spanish, it´s natural for me to order a tapa in a bar but maybe it´s not so easy to know how to order tapas in Spain if you are a foreigner. For me, it´s something innate as I saw how to do it since I was a child, learning the rules, the silent codes between the barman and the customers, just observing how the adults did it.

I know you are now asking yourself, “but are there rules to order tapas?” Well, I didn´t know either until I went to Spain with my American husband. It was his first proper trip to Spain. We went to my family town, Tarazona, in Aragón, a beautiful and historic city, but not very big. I mention that because, for him, it was an immersion in authentic Spain. And the tapas experience…it blew his mind! And so did mine when he told me how shockingly different the experience was for him.

So this guide has been elaborated from his impressions as a foreigner, having tapas for the first time in Spain. I hope it will be useful for you when you go to Spain. Probably you have had tapas already in my country, but this guide to know How to Order Tapas in Spain may help you to understand why we do what we do.

A guide to tapas: how to order these delicious bites

Let´s start with the beginning: How to order tapas. This list is not the definitive guide to ordering tapas but I hope it will help you. Although you will find tapas in any region in Spain, the code can be slightly different as each area has its own singularities. But, in general, I think these points are common anywhere.

The guide to know how to order tapas in Spain

Always be nice with the barmen

The kitchen is in charge, don´t panic

What you need to know about how to eat tapas

You did it! You got to order your tapas and your drink! Hurray! It looks like a battle, doesn´t it?, fighting for a tapa, competing against all those Spaniards who are quicker reaching the bar than you and talk louder, trying to figure out what the waiter said -“did he say it has cebola? What was that, onion or garlic? Ummmm”. By the way, if you want to brush up on your Spanish, I have Online Cooking Classes in Spanish. Just an idea. 🙂
You deserve a rest, right? That´s what you think, but another battle starts. You have now to eat that tapa and don´t know how to do it.

Have the paper napkins near you!

International trips are not so easy to do right now, so if you are missing a tapas experience, I run different Online Cooking Classes that will help you to satisfy your cravings.
How has your tapas experience in Spain been? If you think I should add something else from your own experience, write a comment below.
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