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Tips to make sangria at home

Two glasses of sangria with apple, orange and cinnamon sticks around

How to make a perfect sangria from scratch –  Tips and Suggestions

Sangria is an easy cocktail to make as it doesn´t require a technique to shake or special cocktail equipment. However, when we are doing it at home for the first time, maybe we are not sure how to make a perfect sangria from scratch.

Many people ask the same questions when making sangria for the first time: what kind of wine should I use, how much, what is the ratio of wine/juice, should I add a spirit…? It´s a simple drink that is delightful for summer. However, if we make it too strong or too sweet, the result can be a disaster.

We don´t want to ruin a lovely evening that your guests will remember the next day because of their headaches. Here are some tips to help you with the process of making beautiful, refreshing and fruity sangria. These are my recommendations for the kind of sangria I like (Check my recipe) but if you like something a bit different, just experiment with the drink. The best way to master a recipe, whatever you are doing, is what I call MAD: Modify, Adjust, and Repeat.

About the wine

Sugar, yes or no?

Natural juice, please!

What about a drizzle of liquor?

Don´t forget the fruit!

Time is our ally


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