Que Rico tapas

How to find local restaurants


Some local places we fell in love while we were traveling around Chile

We were very lucky during our trip in Chile as we had the opportunity to eat in local restaurants, off the beaten tracks, where the food was exceptional and gave us the opportunity to taste the authentic flavours.

To find those places takes a bit of time and research. I don´t use Tripadvisor, to be honest.

❓ I ask friends that are from that place or live there or have been there

🔎 I seek for local bloggers that talk about their city

📰 I read the newspapers online as you always can find interesting news about what´s going on in that particular place.

🎫 When it´s available, I book a food walking tour, which is a great and fun experience and you get a lot of information from your local guide.

🏩 I go to the neighborhoods, where locals hang out.

That´s what we did in Chile. PLUS, we met new friends that kindly took as for lunch so we had an amazing meal in a very local restaurant in the coastal town of Concón. Thanks Cecilia!


Here, you have some pictures of our dining experiences in Viñas del Mar and Valparaiso.

And we were in very cool restaurants as you can see.

We recommend you Liberty y Puerto Mil Nay en Valparaiso.

En Viñas del Mar, La flor de Chile, El rincón de Greda, La Vinoteca for a glass of wine before dinner and Glasgow Pub for amazing cocktails and pisco sour. Ah, and also we found out our favourite Chilean beer, Kunstmann! In Viñas del Mar, Kunstmann Kneipe is a great place for beer and for “completos”.

And no far from Viñas del Mar, you can take the bus to Concón, a coastal village where you can enjoy local seafood and amazing views! Alto Mar by La Gatita was perfect for that!

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