Gilda recipe


Gilda (Anchovy, olive and guidilla)

This pintxo recipe is the perfect match for a vermouth cocktail

Gilda is a punchy pintxo: salty, pickled, oily… and together, it´s amazing.

The pintxo was named after Rita Hayworth’s character in the movie ‘Gilda’. The reason being that the pintxo was ‘verde, salado y picante’ (green, salty and spicy), which considering the secondary meaning of some of those words would translate as ‘little pervert, witty and spicy’. Pretty much like the character played by Rita Hayworth in that movie.

You only need three ingredients:

  • A Spanish green chili (guindilla o piparra in the Basque Country)

  • Anchovy stuffed olives

  • Anchovy (in olive oil, preferable)

Put all the ingredients in a skewer, and enjoy it! It´s perfect if you have a vermouth cocktail with it! Check the recipe here.

You can check the steps in this video.

You can do other versions of this one using pickles for example, like onions, gherkins, red pepper, tuna instead of anchovy… It´s what we call “banderillas”, a combination of pickles in a skewer. But Gilda is like the queen of “banderillas” 😀


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