Spanish sheep’s cheese from Rocío Alayeto Factory

Rocío Alayeto´s sheep´s cheese
Rocío Alayeto´s sheep´s cheese

Rocío Alayeto is a local producer who trades Spanish sheep’s cheese.

One of them is a Spanish sheep’s cheese from Ágreda, a small town in Soria region. I could say that I have a special crush on this cheese because is a multi-purpose cheese. I use it as a snack or as an ingredient in many dishes.

This cheese is one of my weakness not only because of its flavour and texture but how it is made. Rocío Alayeto runs this familiar business which included the cheese factory and her own flock. So the cheese is made in a traditional way with milk from her own animals. She brings her personality to her products. Because of that, this cheese is so special.

Rocío Alayeto makes semi-cured and cured cheese. It has an intense taste, enhanced when is sliced slimly and is very aromatic with a delicate scent of herbs.

One of the most interesting Rocío Alayeto’s products is a spreadable cheese. It’s absolutely scrumptious! It’s like the essence of the cheese condensed in a small jar. There are three flavours: natural, garlic and boletus mushroom. You can eat any of them at as is with a slice of bread or you can use them as an ingredient for your dishes as all of them fit perfectly with meat or fish. A delicatessen you should try!


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