Que Rico tapas

Arroz a la cubana with fried banana

Cuban rice recipe

This Arroz Cubano, also known as Arroz a la Cubana, is a dish you can find in many places in Spanish speaking countries. It´s very popular in Spain as part of the “Menu del día” in many restaurants.

For me, it´s one of the dishes of my childhood, when my mum cooked it for lunch on Saturdays. She didn´t have too much time to cook after spending the morning doing house chores so this dish was quick, easy and filling. For the rest of the family, it was a meal we loved not only because of the flavours but because it meant it was the weekend and we were able to relax and break the rules of the formal meals we had during the week, with the first and second course, and dessert: we had everything in only one plate!

Ingredients for 4 people



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