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Cooking with fruit | Savoury and sweet recipes

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Cooking with fruit | Savoury and sweet recipes

Cooking with fruit, either savoury or sweet recipes, is fun and gives new flavours to any dish. Also, it´s a fantastic way to eat fruit and add vitamins to our daily diet!

We have to change our mindset and associate fruit with desserts just because they are sweet. Fruit gives a wonderful complexity of flavours when we use it in any recipe. Yes, we can make delicious sauces like the traditional apple sauce with pork, or orange sauce for chicken or duck. I love grape sauce with “ajoblanco” or some grapes with “migas“. I add the fruit to my salads in summer or winter, watermelon, peach, orange, pear… The classic melon and serrano ham was modernized in a melon soup and always was a hit in my private events. Figs! I have a couple of recipes, a cake, classic, and a tapa of figs with bacon. Oh, yummy! And the chicken with pineapple and prunes! One of my mum´s best recipes that I copied and included in my repertoire.

I use fruit quite a lot in my recipes, perhaps because I love fruit but don´t like desserts too much. So adding sweetness to a savoury recipe, add complexity and balance the flavours and I love it!

I realized I haven´t posted many of these recipes so I´m planning to organize and update them to have all the recipes with fruit together.

So far, I´m leaving here three:

I hope you enjoy them this summer!

¡Buen provecho!

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