Cooking in Spanish at Comberton Village College


Cooking and practicing Spanish with this lovely group of teenagers

I spent a morning at Comberton Village College, cooking with a group of students and practicing Spanish

It was a fun and relaxed way to learn and review their knowledge about the Spanish language and culture

This activity was part of their Spanish and Cooking activities at the end of the course. They had worked about the Spanish food with their teachers so what they did with me was a practical session where they cooked some recipes and practiced their Spanish lessons.

We started with an introduction in Spanish about each one. It was a great way to break the ice as I had the opportunity to ask them some questions about their favorite food, their knowledge about cooking, their hobbies, etc. Everything was in Spanish so they were immersed in the language and felt more confident. In fact, they didn´t know me so they had to get used to my accent, my way to talk, etc.

We talked about Spanish food and tapas and I was very impressed by their knowledge about the topic. Some of them had been in Spain on holidays with their families so were familiar with some of the dishes and were able to explain to the other classmates that didn´t know about it.

To warm up the session, they started cooking two tapas: “hojaldritos” (puff pastry) with spinach and cheese and “huevos rellenos” (hard boiled eggs stuffed with tomato, tuna and yolk). As you can see, they worked very well and made beautiful and creative shapes with the pastry 🙂 But the result was amazing! And I don´t have a picture of the “huevos rellenos” as they couldn´t wait to try them before the break. They loved them so much they ate event the filling leftovers!

The second part of the session consisted of cooking a Spanish omelet. I gave them the recipe in Spanish so we worked first, together, with the vocabulary, the instructions, etc. to be sure everybody understood what they had to do and how to do it. At the same time, they learned or refresh some vocabulary and grammar.

And the result was spectacular! Just check the pictures! The omelette was super tasty and I only helped them to flip it over as I didn´t want anyone hurt, to be honest. But I explained how they can do it safely at home with another frying pan 😉

You can see they were involved in the activity and they are confident in the kitchen so it wasn´t a difficult task at all for them. Also, as they were relaxed in a fun environment while doing a different activity, they were able to spoke in Spanish and see in place how to use the language. 

For me, it was an incredible experience! It was so much fun! And it´s so rewarding seeing a group of teenagers involved in cooking and learning.

I want to thanks to Comberton Village College for this opportunity as I think it´s a brilliant idea to put into practice the Spanish in a fun activity, different from being in a classroom. Special thanks to Adina, Arancha and Aga for their help and support during the session.

If you want to replicate this experience either for colleges or private tuitions, contact me as I will be happy to design a session for you or your children.

¡Buen provecho!



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