Cooking classes: online or in-person, from tapas and paella to molecular gastronomy

The Spanish Cooking Classes cover a variety of topics and recipes. The sessions are designed to enjoy, know about Spanish gastronomy, learn some cooking tips and techniques, and spread your cookbook.

  • Online Tapas Cooking Classes

¡Que rico! Tapas Cooking Classes offer a range of cookery courses online where you can learn how to make the perfect Sangría and Paella, organize a Tapas Menu for your family or friends, or design a pintxos buffet.

The recipes are traditional from Spain, with all the knowledge of healthy meals from the Mediterranean diet.

If you want to know more about the online Tapas Cooking Classes, have a look here.

  • In-Person Tapas Cooking Classes

The Tapas Cooking Classes are held face to face too in your own home. You can choose the menu: Sangría and Paella, Tapas Menu, Pintxos or Mediterranean dishes.

Due to the gathering restrictions because of COVID-19 pandemic, these courses are held in your own house and limited to a maximum number of 5 people from different households.

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  • Cooking in Spanish

The kitchen is the perfect environment to relax, chat, cooking… and practicing your Spanish.

¡Qué rico! Tapas offers Tapas Cooking Classes where the session is led in Spanish: from recipes to ingredients and instructions, as well, any questions and interactions amongst the chef-teacher and the attendants.

Do you want to polish your Spanish while cooking tapas? Here you have more information.

  • Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Lessons

Discover the secrets behind Modern Cuisine. Learn how to make savoury foams, flavour airs, spheres, or fake caviar.

This course is available only in-person for private parties at home and for a maximum of 5 people. 

If you are interested in the class, here you have some samples of what you can learn.