Cookery classes: from tapas to molecular gastronomy

Tapas Cookery Classes

If you like cooking, want to learn new tapas recipes or just have fun in the kitchen with friends or family, this is for you. It’s a great experience for families as everybody is involved, even the children have tasks to do (according to their age).

All the tapas cooking courses are relaxed and informative. You will learn about Spanish cuisine, some tips to improve your cooking skills and the opportunity to make beautiful canapés and, above all, try new tapas recipes!

The cooking lessons take place in your home so you will feel confident, working in your own environment. I will provide the kitchen equipment and will bring all the ingredients. I use authentic Spanish products but ensure that you can find in them here in the UK (pssssstt, I will let you know where you can buy them).

The cookery lessons vary in length from 2 to 3 ½ hours. The menu is always customized for you, including from 3 to 5 tapas. Tapas cooking classes can be one-to-one or in small groups, I recommend a maximum of 8 people. After the tapas cooking lesson, you will have a lovely lunch or dinner with the dishes you have cooked and I will leave a copy of the tapas recipes for you to try them again.

Contact me for details.

Cookery classes in Spanish!

By the way, it is a wonderful way to practice your Spanish or improve it, for both adults and children!

Molecular Gastronomy Cookery Classes

Do you want to wow your guest with surprising canapés?  Or add some fun with fake caviar, foams and new textures to your dishes?

You don´t need to have special cookery skills or a high level of cooking experience. You will be amazed how easy is to make astonishing dishes with a little bit of chemistry and science behind but using natural products to create new textures and flavours.

This is a fun session for private parties, for a group of friends or hen parties, for example. Also, we customize the sessions for each occasion.

In these workshops, I want to share with you the techniques to transform the look and texture of food. You will be able to make your own innovative culinary creations as the idea of the workshop is to open your mind to the infinite new possibilities that molecular gastronomy can give to your recipes.

Have a look at the last Cookery Lesson. You can see the fun and the yummy dishes cooked.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan.

Ask for a bespoke private session!

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