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Cocktails and Tapas


Our second edition of Cocktail and Tapas Tasting

It was a great night! Cambridge Wine Merchants Cherry Hinton Rd and Que Rico Tapas teamed up again to organize this unique event for the second year. In this occasion, it was part of Eat Cambridge 2018 as a fringe event.

We gather a group of enthusiastic cocktail lovers who enjoyed along the night, not only tasting new cocktails but matching them with new tapas.

We decided to offer a new menu with new matches as the first one, last year, was focused on classic American cocktails like Manhattan, Martini or Cosmopolitan. This year, as it was May we thought it would be a good idea to offer more summery and refreshing cocktails. Also, as they would be matched with tapas, we planned to add some Spanish twist to them and include Spanish cocktails. So our guests were surprised with new cocktails they didn´t have before and inspired them to replicate them this summer!

Regarding the food, I worked as well in new tapas, tweaking recipes to match the flavours and the main spirit of each cocktail with the food. The result was yummy!

The first tapa was this prawn-popcorn lollipop with a lime sauce. It was paired with a “rebujito”, a cocktail made with fino, a dry sherry, that normally it is drunk with seafood or salty nibbles like olives or serrano ham. So the idea was to combine the seafood and the saltiness that pairs so well with the sherry.

The next cocktail was a Paloma, a Mexican cocktail with tequila and grapefruit flavoured soda, served on the rocks. Perfect for a warm summer day, right?

This cocktail was matched with a free-range chicken breast, marinated in grapefruit and cooked in a sauce with red onion, ginger and white wine. People loved it and licked the plates!

The night was an interactive dinner as the guests were able to see how the cocktails were done, and learnt how to combine the different ingredients, quantities, etc. Alice and Susie were very informative and fun and showed how much they know about drinks!

The third cocktail was a modern version of the classic “Spanish vermouth”. It has red vermouth, gin and orange. As it is something we have in Spain with tapas before lunch normally, I thought the tapa should be feature one of our classic tapas too, the croquetas! In this case, it was cheese croquetas, very creamy inside and crunchy outside, with an orange sauce, slightly bitter to balance the sweetness of the cocktail. Another great match!

And to finish the night, we needed something sweet. Here we opted for a more risky combination, a classic grasshopper with a coconut mousse. The grasshopper is creamy, sweet, minty with a hint of chocolate. It reminds an After Eight chocolate. So to pair with the chocolate and mint flavour I opted for a coconut mousse so, putting everything together in the mouth was like a chocolate and coconut cake but served in a glass!



People enjoyed it. Even some of them dared to help Alice!


Oh, I can´t forget the welcome canape we served! A black garlic and saffron chocolate from Mama Chocolate with a sweet cava!

It was a great night and some of them were already asking for the next Cocktail and Tapas night so… we should think of a new menu soon?

Keep it posted to see what is next!

Buen provecho!

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