The Private Chef service is not available at the moment, due to the COVID-19 restrictions regarding gatherings and private events.

      I will keep you updated when the service is available again.

Sorry for the disappointment or inconvenience it may cause. It is very sad for me to do it but we have to guarantee a safe environment for my staff and my customers and follow the Government guidelines.

      Meanwhile, if you are missing Spanish food, I run Online Cooking Classes for all of you who want to learn, practice new recipes, and have fun!

I hope to see you soon in person! Take care!


Private chef

¡Que Rico! Tapas brings the aromas, colours and flavours from Spain to your table. Creating bespoke menus, cooking and serving fresh food in your home or office, while you relax and enjoy a delicious meal.

What does a private chef service include?

  • Six people minimum and a maximum of 40
  • A customised menu
  • All the kitchen equipment necessary
  • The best, freshest and high-quality ingredients
  • Authentic Spanish products
  • Serving staff
  • Serving, clearing up

The private chef service is the perfect option for private events, birthday celebrations, gatherings of family and friends, engagement parties, special occasions, hen parties, or just to try a different gastronomic experience at home.

Number of guests

The minimum number of guests is six people, and we can accommodate up to 40. (If the number of guests is over 40, I would suggest a Catering service with a buffet menu).

I love cooking for small groups. I like nothing more than chatting, getting to know people, discussing food and your experiences travelling to Spain. This is what turns a ‘dinner’ into a tapas experience because all the guests share food, share the enjoyment, the feelings, thoughts and lots of laughter. This is what I call a real Spanish tapas experience, and it’s what we have in Spain.

With a small group, I can see all your guests’ faces, seeing the joy of tasting something new… the silence as everybody has their first bite and the pleasure when I hear “Uuuuum that’s good!” (although I’d suggest you say “Uuuuum que rico!”).


The menu is always customised to suit your preferences – the number of guests, the occasion, the kitchen facilities in the venue and your food requirements using traditional Spanish dishes. I can easily accommodate vegetarian and other dietary requirements into my menus.

I work with two sets of suppliers. The local teams who provide the best, fresh, high-quality ingredients and my Spanish producers, who provide authentic Spanish flavours.

A tapas menu of small plates… will my guests be hungry after that? Not at all!

When I offer a tapas menu, the dishes are “media racion” size. I always recommend 6 tapas (including a sweet one) to have a full and rounded menu. I promise, both you and your guests will be satisfied with 6 tapas. (Please see ‘our tapas’ for more information on the different sizes and dishes available). If you would prefer a three-course meal with larger portions instead, just let me know, and I will customise it with Spanish dishes for you.

Kitchen facilities

To meet your expectations, we will have a pre-event meeting to discuss the menu, the event and any other details that you think will help make this memorable and unique for everyone involved. If it’s possible, I like to meet where your event will take place, and this gives me the opportunity to check the kitchen facilities and tailor the menu based on what’s available on-site. Don’t worry if that’s not possible, and we can arrange a call. By the way, I don’t need a mega kitchen – but I will need a hob and a counter or table to work. If there is an oven available too, that will be fantastic!

I will bring all the kitchen equipment necessary to finish the dishes at your event. However, I don’t provide cutlery, crockery or glassware. If you don’t have enough for your event or prefer to hire, I can offer this as a separate item, just let me know, and I’ll supply a quote.


We will prepare, cook and finish all dishes, serve you and your friends/colleagues and clear everything away. Freeing you up to look after your guests and enjoy the occasion. Don’t worry; we will look after everything. And yes, your kitchen will be clean, neat and tidy when we leave.

I pay particular attention to details and offer a personalised and thoughtful service, my team share the same passion for food and care for all our customers.

I will need around 90 minutes to set up and 90 minutes to clear, this time is included in the price of the menu.

When serving the dishes, I introduce them, one at a time, explaining details about what it is, for example, the ingredients, the name of the tapa, the way to cook it, the difference with other countries, where the product comes from in Spain and the story behind the producer. I am sure everyone will appreciate the food more once you know a little bit more about the dish and its cultural background.

Please don’t be concerned about your privacy if you are having dinner in an open-plan kitchen. We are very discrete, and we’re used to working in this kind of situation and work quietly so we don’t disturb your conversation. Depending on the number of guests attending your event we will provide serving staff.


We don’t provide drinks, but we are happy to suggest Spanish wines to match your food.


The price includes the menu with six dishes, service, staff and equipment. These events typically last about 5 hours, including the time to set up and clear down. The price includes all the preparation, sourcing and cooking time.

Transport is included in the price for any location within a 5-mile radius of Cambridge city centre. If you’re further away, we charge 45p per mile for travel.

Value for money is one of the most important aspects for customers. The ‘Chef at Home’ service has been rated very highly by existing customers, many saying…’it is well worth the money for the menu and service received from Que Rico Tapas’. Every event includes our professionalism and passion, things which it’s difficult to put a value on – the care for the products and our love of cooking for people.

I will be happy to discuss any variation of the menu, either regarding the quantity of tapas or the duration of the event, please contact me.

Paella at home

If you want a taste of classic Spanish cooking, paella always delivers. It works well for both small and large groups. I offer a number of different paellas featuring meat, seafood, vegetarian and mixed ingredients. If you’re a bit more adventurous, try the “black rice” with seafood or “arroz caldoso”.

The price includes a generous portion of paella and disposable crockery, cutlery and napkins. We recommend adding some pintxos or canapes for a truly Spanish experience.

Depending on the location and your specific requirements – space, lighting, inside/outside we can accommodate most requests. Please, contact me I am happy to advise on the best option, and any extra equipment you may require such as a marquee or lighting. These can also be supplied if required.

Carving ham

Perfect addition for private or corporate events.

This special “jamonero” is made exclusively to carve unboned hams with small-medium pieces. It is an exclusive service for special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, private parties, corporate events, business meetings, product launching, etc.

This service will give your party a special twist as a personal carver will treat your guest with fresh, sliced jamon.

We offer this service in combination with our paella at home menu or private chef service.

Private wine tastings

Que Rico Tapas and Cambridge Winer Merchants team up in another exciting project to offer private Tapas and Wine Tastings.

After almost two years organizing wine and tapas tastings at their Cherry Hinton Rd branch in Cambridge, we have thought it was a great idea to offer this service for private parties in the comfort of the customer’s houses.

The wine tasting will include 5 wines and 5 tapas. The wines will come from Spain, either in general or from a specific region, from the wide selection of wines, cavas, sherries or vermouths that Cambridge Wine Merchants has in stock. And the tapas will be paired with them, including in the menu traditional dishes from the same area cooked with authentic Spanish products.

It is a bespoke tapas and wine tasting, ideal for groups of friends or family celebrations where you can have a different experience at home, enjoy, spread the knowledge about Spanish wines and local gastronomy and be treated by a chef and a wine advisor, who will care for you and your guests.

The price includes a trained wine advisor from the Cambridge Wine Merchants team and a private chef from Que Rico Tapas who will introduce the dishes. We will bring all the equipment necessary for the tasting (glasses, tasting sheets, information about the wines and the dishes). And the same for the food so have a look at the Chef at Home Service.

This service requires a minimum party of 8.

Ask for a quote as we will be happy to recommend you a wonderful wine and tapas match. (Subject to availability)