Cauliflower soup with black garlic & ginger

Coliflower soup with black garlic and ginger
Coliflower soup with black garlic and ginger
Cauliflower soup with black garlic and ginger
Cauliflower soup with black garlic and ginger

 Cauliflower soup with black garlic and ginger

 A light and healthy starter with a rich combination of flavours.

The cauliflower is a vegetable with a very particular and strong flavour. In this case, the aromatic and slightly spicy flavour of the ginger softens the cauliflower’s taste and creates a wonderful combination. The black garlic, sweet and jelly-like, provides the dish with a contrast of flavours.

Besides, this recipe is really easy to cook. I am sure you will enjoy it!


For 4 people

800 grams cauliflower
100 ml water (from boiling the cauliflower)
150 ml milk
4 cloves of white garlic
A piece of ginger
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Black pepper
Black garlic

1.- Boil the cauliflower in a pot with water and a pinch of salt until is soft.
2.- Drain the cauliflower and put it aside.
3.- Keep the water used to boil the cauliflower.
4.- Chop the garlic and the piece of ginger.
5.- Pour a gentle glug of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and fry the white garlic and the ginger on a low heat.
6.- Put the cauliflower in a deep bowl and pour the olive oil, the white garlic and the ginger and blend all ingredients together with a hand blender. Add water (use the water where the cauliflower has been boiled) and the milk until getting a soft texture.
7.- Serve the purèe in a bowl.
8.- Slice the black garlic and set three or four slices on the top of the purée. Pour extra virgin olive oil and ground black pepper on top and enjoy it.

P.S.: If there is spare liquid after cooking the soup, don’t throw it away! That liquid where you boiled the cauliflower is full of nutrients. It’s true it has a particular flavour, not as neutral as a vegetable stock, but it is wonderful for a cheese soup, for example, or just boil in it a small cup of rice and you will have another tasty soup that will warm you up!

Buen provecho!



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