Traditional Christmas confetions or new recipes for treating yourself.
Duck in rosé wine and pomegranate sauce.
The fist Christmas recipe of a serie of three I hope you enjoy it.
A milk vodka made in the North of Spain.
A unique experience where food and spectacle join.
A special date which deserves a special party with fresh, casual and colorful tapas.
Cambridge Edition reports on the coming event at Vinopolis Cambridge.
Spain has gained one three Michelin stars restaurant, DiverXo, in Madrid, with the chef David Muñoz. Therefore, Spain has 8 three Michelin stars restaurants.
Top Spanish chefs will visit London in 2014 in a serie of workshops organised by Restaurante Hispania London. Don't miss it!
Chefs Omar Allibhoy, Sophie Michell and Jos Pizarro will create new recipes with olives as a main ingredient. Read more about this campaign.