A unique experience where food and spectacle join.
Spain has gained one three Michelin stars restaurant, DiverXo, in Madrid, with the chef David Muñoz. Therefore, Spain has 8 three Michelin stars restaurants.
From Moncayo to Cambridge
Cambridge Edition reports on the coming event at Vinopolis Cambridge.
Duck in rosé wine and pomegranate sauce.
Traditional Christmas confetions or new recipes for treating yourself.
The fist Christmas recipe of a serie of three I hope you enjoy it.
Cheese board at Poncelet Cheese Bar Madrid

Say Cheese Bar!

An amazing experience if you wanto taste and learn about cheese.
Film & Cook Festival 2013 gathers foodies and film lovers to enjoy and discuss about cinema and gastronomy in Madrid and Barcelona.
Rocío Alayeto is a local producer who trades Spanish sheep's cheese with an intense taste, very aromatic and with a delicate scent of herbs.