You decide how much you want and recicle the packaging.
Traditional Christmas confetions or new recipes for treating yourself.
Embrace the Spanish food culture like a Spaniard
Reviven los antiguos colmados con venta a granel y estilo chic.
The fist Christmas recipe of a serie of three I hope you enjoy it.
Top Spanish chefs will visit London in 2014 in a serie of workshops organised by Restaurante Hispania London. Don't miss it!
What you have to know about Spanish omelette or "tortilla de patata" is that there are so many recipes and ways to cook it as there are Spaniards all around the world. We love a good one! Each person defends his/her omelette, with or without onion, runny or set, deconstructed or classic, like THE BEST! Check it out why.
A special date which deserves a special party with fresh, casual and colorful tapas.
A unique experience where food and spectacle join.
A milk vodka made in the North of Spain.