La Rioja has good wines and amazing cuisine.
A sponge texture, a tasty palate and a game of flavours.
How to boil white asparagus to make the most of this delicate vegetable.
A perfect dish for a summer day. Refreshing, colourful, nourishing!
A mounthfulwith many different flavours: sour, sweet, herby. Discover them!
Peas, poached egg and crispy Serrano ham: try this recipe of ¡Qué rico! Tapas. It is a balanced nourishing dish, easy to cook and tasty.
Chestnut soup makes me feel linked to the ground because of the organic ingredients that it use. It is a velvety and earthy soup you can cook as a starter.
Panellets are a traditional Spanish sweet which are made for All Saints' Day. It is a dainty and smooth bite! Herteyou have the recipe.
Tigres to celebrate the World Tapas' Day! A traditional tapa, made with mussels, that you can find in any pub in Spain. Salud!
A nibble of choriceta is a perfect bite for coctail parties. It is such a tasty and crunchy appetizer and small enough to eat it in a bite.