Delish carrot burger
The fist Christmas recipe of a serie of three I hope you enjoy it.
Tow recipes in one
A refershing drink with a pinch of citrus flavour, perfect for the summer.
The summer salad you were looking for! Fresh and nutritiuos.
Piparras are a delicate green pepper very popular in The Basque Country. Tasty, no very spicy, with a delicate flesh, it is the perfect snack.
My favourite sangria recipe: easy and quick, packed whit fruity flavours AND not too sweet. Perfect for a hot summer day. It serves 8 people.
Chestnut soup makes me feel linked to the ground because of the organic ingredients that it use. It is a velvety and earthy soup you can cook as a starter.
Versatil, tasty, healthy... A condiment, a snack... The options are endless!
This Spanish rice pudding recipe is very special for me as it´s my Yaya's recipe. An authentic family recipe learnt from my grandma, who made the creamiest and most delicious arroz con leche.