A sponge texture, a tasty palate and a game of flavours.
Tapa of the month at Flavour 105: potatoes La Rioja style
I was invited to take part in Flavour 105, the food and drink program broadcasted by Cambridge 105 Radio Station. L isten to the interview :)
Cambridge Edition reports on the coming event at Vinopolis Cambridge.
Tapas on the air!
on April according to Cambridge Edition... One, Saint George's Day pop-up dinner!
Cooking with Spanish food and wines from Regions’ Finest Wine and Fine Food. A rewarding challenge for ¡Qué rico! Tapas.
Do you want to know the link between ¡Qué rico! Tapas and Mary Poppins? The Cambridge Wine Blogger's review will give you the clue.
Cambridge Edition writes about ¡Qué rico! Tapas. Amazing pictures and tasty words to know more about Spanish food and tapas in Cambridge.
A short piece about the Spanish vermut! Read more!