¡Qué rico! Tapas in the media

Have a look at these two recipes: easy and perfectly paired with sherry. Have a go!
Cambridge Edition writes about ¡Qué rico! Tapas. Amazing pictures and tasty words to know more about Spanish food and tapas in Cambridge.
A sponge texture, a tasty palate and a game of flavours.
on April according to Cambridge Edition... One, Saint George's Day pop-up dinner!
Cambridge Edition January issue is full of interesting things! In particular, the food section! Have a look and spread your cook book!
Tapa of the month at Flavour 105: potatoes La Rioja style
Do you want to know how ¡Qué rico! Tapas pop-up dinner went? How better than one of my guest to talk of the Spanish foodie night.
I was invited to take part in Flavour 105, the food and drink program broadcasted by Cambridge 105 Radio Station. L isten to the interview :)
A perfect dish for a summer day. Refreshing, colourful, nourishing!
Podcast of April Tapa of the month at Flavour 105 radio program. Listen up!