Cannellini beans hummus recipe


A version of the classic hummus recipe

Although I made this cannellini beans hummus during the Covid-19 social isolation to make the most of what I had in my pantry, it´s a recipe you can do anytime

I wrote a blog post about how to do a meal plan and organize the food shopping list during these strange, isolated times we are living during the coronavirus pandemic crisis. (You can read it on this link.)

The idea is:

  • to make the most of what we have in our fridges, freezers, and pantries

  • to be flexible and creative

  • to reduce the food waste.

Planning for my family, I found out I had 6 cans of cannellini beans. Why? I don´t know…

So I started planning some recipes to use them for the next couple of weeks. I checked what I had in my fridge and also had tahini and lemons so my first thought was to make hummus!

Maybe some of you find this recipe sacrilege (I´m fine with Jamie Oliver cooking paella with chorizo, I have to say) but my priority is to use what I have and reduce my trips out. Yes, remember, stay at home!

Cannellini beans hummus recipe

1 can of cannellini beans

3 tablespoons of tahini

1 clove of garlic

Juice of a half lemon

A pinch of grounded cumin

A pinch of salt

Sweet paprika

100 ml extra virgin olive oil

40 ml water


In a food processor, put the drained cannellini beans, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Season with a pinch of grounded cumin and salt and blend. Slowly, add the extra virgin olive oil and blend. Check halfway through to see if you get the consistency you want and correct the seasoning if it´s needed. Continue blending with the rest of the olive oil. If the texture is too thick, add the water until you get the texture you like.

Serve with flatbread, sourdough or crackers, whatever you have at home.

I poured a bit of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle some sweet paprika and it was very nice!

I have to say that the result was very tasty and I didn´t miss the chickpeas original hummus. The pinch of cumin gave it a nice touch, more similar to the chickpeas hummus flavour.

With one can of beans, I made a generous plate for two and had some leftovers that I kept in a jar in the fridge for tomorrow. I really like hummus as a snack as it´s healthy, easy to make and filling. Ah! If you are keeping the leftovers for the next day, pour some olive oil on top. It will keep it fresher and the surface won´t dry.

¡Que aproveche!



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